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The Nuclear and Particle Physics group at LLNL addresses emerging nuclear security challenges through the application of fundamental research at the frontiers of physics.

Our expertise in accelerator physics, complex data analysis, and detector design and construction—coupled with access to state-of-the-art engineering and high-performance computing facilities—allow us to probe the fundamental interactions of elementary particles and nuclei. Our findings are directly applicable to LLNL’s national security mission, providing insights into and solutions for the evolving nuclear security landscape.

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Featured publications

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Fissile material detection using neutron time-correlations from photofission | AIP Advances, 2019

R.A. Soltz, A. Danagoulian, E.P. Hartouni, M.S. Johnson, S.A. Sheets, A. Glenn, S.E. Korbly, and R.J. Ledoux

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The surprisingly large neutron capture cross-section of 88Zr | Nature, 2019

J.A. Shusterman, N.D. Scielzo, K.J. Thomas, E.B. Norman, S.E. Lapi, C.S. Loveless, N.J. Peters, J.D. Robertson, D.A. Shaughnessy, and A.P. Tonchev

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Towards Neutron Capture on Exotic Nuclei: Demonstrating (d,pγ) as a Surrogate Reaction for (n,γ) | Phys. Rev. Lett., 2019

A. Ratkiewicz, J.A. Cizewski, J.E. Escher, G. Potel, J.T. Burke, R.J. Casperson, M. McCleskey, R.A.E. Austin, S. Burcher, R.O. Hughes, B. Manning, S.D. Pain, W.A. Peters, S. Rice, T.J. Ross, N.D. Scielzo, C. Shand, and K. Smith

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Sensitivity and discovery potential of the proposed nEXO experiment to neutrinoless double-β decay | Phys. Rev. C, 2018

J.B. Albert, J.P. Brodsky, M. Heffner, S. Sangiorgio, T. Stiegler, et al. (nEXO Collaboration)

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